HIV/AIDS and Health

HIV/AIDS rates in Zambia are still considerably high in the country and as a result this leaves many people at risk of contracting the virus. In addition to this, many people living with the virus do not have the necessary information and assistance to still live a healthy and dignified life.

It is with this background that EFZ launched the HIV/AIDS program in 2007. Given the scope and depth of the pandemic, the fellowship works in solidarity with other faith based partners such as Brethren in Christ Church (BICC), Jesus Cares Ministries (JCM) and Scripture Union Zambia (SUZ).

The faith-based groups’ work thus far contributed directly to the Government of Zambia’s goal to reduce HIV infections and improve the quality of lives of those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS by scaling up demand for prevention services and expanding programs for care and support.

The program has allowed the Churches to address the social and cultural practices that continue to expose people to HIV infection. There is a need to reduce the Mother to Child Transmission rates and increase Counseling and Testing (CT) services. Moreover, there is a need to sensitize and raise an awakening around family and community support for People living with HIV (PLHIV) as well as orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). Through impact mitigation EFZ has managed to provide education support such as school fees and uniforms to selected OVCs. In addition to this there is the livelihood support scheme which provides goats and chickens to specifically targeted OVC households as well as those homes with PLHIV.

EFZ is currently working from seven provinces namely: Eastern, Southern, North Western, Copper, Lusaka, Central and Luapula. Here, the schemes just mentioned and others are rolled out as well as sensitizing the churches about HIV prevention through the local church leaders.